Who Are You Without Your Story? 

One of the core principles of Family Constellations is the idea of systemic entanglement: A deep emotional

connection, usually the result of trans-generational trauma or secrets that keeps us bound to our families in

unhealthy ways. Releasing the entanglement through a constellation has a profound affect with participants 

often feeling lighter and more at ease. But not all is resolved. Inherent in every entanglement is your story: The

myths, concepts and beliefs that you’ve inherited, and what you continue to tell yourself about yourself in order to 

make sense of your life 

What would happen if after releasing the entanglement, you let your story drop away? Or as David Carse suggests in Perfect Brilliant Stillness : “Stop taking everything seriously. Stop taking it at all. Let it be. Be still. Simply stop. Let grace stop you.

September 12-15, 2019


Thursday, September 12: Arrive anytime after 4:00. Relax, settle in
Gathering, 7:00-10:00 PM

Friday & Saturday, 9/13 & 14

Sunday, September 15th

55 South Farm Road

Hillsdale, New York

In lovely private home surrounded by 32 acres of woods, fields, streams, spend a heart opening fall weekend of personal discovery and healing in the Berkshire Mountains of New York. The house is in Hillsdale NY-two hours from New Haven CT, and Manhattan. Click Here to see the house.

Through rituals, exercises and Family Constellations, we'll take a deep dive into these myths, concepts and beliefs, into your core conditioning. We will explore how to “surrender” to something new, and perhaps discover the grace we need let our story “drop away.”

Limited to 15 participants! 

Fee $395: 
Includes workshop, lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday & Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Thursday evening, dinner is your own on. However, light snacks will be available. The food is locally sourced, and will include vegetarian and non vegetarian selections.

A $50 non-refundable deposit will be required to guarantee you a place. You cannot hold a place via text, email or a phone call. Last year the retreat sold out in 10 days. 

Click HERE to pay the deposit, or Pay in Full.


“Heartfelt thanks for making space for a wonderful memory to be created: I feel complete and filled up from the life-affirming weekend retreat in Hillsdale. 

 Although terrified when I arrived at the prospect of almost three days and three nights with strangers, I felt quickly at my ease in the energy of that beautiful house and its surrounding land, the openness, warmth and humor of my fellow retreaters and of course Bill’s strong and gentle presence, and his expertise with creating a safe atmosphere. 

The movie title for the weekend would be “ Cry Eat Laugh”: Everyone who wanted to be the subject of a Constellation was able to flow in with time, space and reverence. We were all touched deeply by the Field and the magical dynamics of Constellating whether as subject, representative or witness. Then we ate, family style, around a beautiful big table: Delicious food, nature’s abundance, washed down with laughter. We entertained ourselves in the evening and learnt more about each other with a series of fun parlor games. People flowed in and out of these too. The loving, reverent and welcoming space was maintained throughout all aspects of the weekend. 

When I tuned in for my morning practice today I noticed a distinct relaxation in my lower belly. I could access a place that had previously been filled with my “less-thans”, my  “votes of no confidence for me”- my neuroses...and find it open and spacious for the first time I can remember.  I feel I have come home. I am indeed grateful. “ KC

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

  • You will be entitled to a Full Refund of fees paid if you cancel at least 30 calendar days prior to the start date of the special event;

  • You will be entitled to a Half Refund of fees paid if you cancel at least 15 calendar days prior to the start date of the special event;

  • There will be No Refund of fees paid if you cancel less than 15 calendar days prior to the start of the special event. If, for whatever reason, I cancel an event, you will be entitled to a Full Refund of any fees paid pertaining to that specific event.