2016-2017 Facilitator Training in Systemic Family Constellations. 

A kind of “living map,” Family Constellations is a unique, phenomenological approach that explores these hidden dynamics that keep usfrom living authentic lives. It has the potential to touch us on a deep soul and energy level, often healing past traumas and wounds, and leading to a transformation in our lives and the lives of those around us. This work deepens the respect for the mystery of life.

The overall program will encompass 7 weekends (21 hours each weekend) with a focus on theory, personal work, exercises, practice and supervisionThe program will be taught by Ed Lynch, Ph.D. and Bill Mannle, LMFT. Two guest trainers, Barry Krost and Cecila Altieri will lead the March and April weekends respectively. The April weekend will be a retreat in the Berkshires, 2 hours from New Haven. 

We are looking for a committed group of participants that will travel the course together.

2016 Theory & Practice: 

  • The Orders of Love
  • Balance of Giving and Receiving
  • Inclusion/Exclusion
  • Loyalty
  • Family Bonds and Conscience
  • Energy/Order and Reality
  • Representing
  • Sentences that reveal and sentences that resolve
  • Developing a systemic lens
  • Working phenomenologically
  • Deep personal work (personal constellations)

2017 Furthering the Facilitator's Journey

  • The Orders of Helping
  • Working with the “Not Knowing."
  • Body Centered Techniques to foster perception and stillness
  • Developing Presence and Clarity
  • Improvisational Techniques for expansion and creativity
  • The importance of self care
  • Working in individual settings

Here are the Dates.
Time 9:00-4:00 Each day

Venue: TBD

September 9-11 
October 14-16
November 18-20
December 14 (Evening-6:00-10:00)

January 13-15
March  10-12
April 6 (evening) 7-10 Berkshire Retreat

Tuition: $1800: We’ve made the tuition easy with a Payment Plan of $200 per month that begins on July 1, 2016; or you can start now. To register simply make the first payment of $200.

NB:There is no single weekend option. By committing to the course you agree to the full payment even if you miss a weekend. Refunds will only be considered two weeks prior to the first weekend, and or due to circumstances beyond one’s control. 

Click HERE to register. Scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Recommended Readings before the Course Begins:
  • Love’s Hidden Symmetry: What Makes Love Work In Relationships—Bert Hellinger, Hunter Beaumont, Gunthard Weber
  • Family Constellations Revealed-Indra Torsten Preiss
Other Readings:

  • What’s Out of Order Here? Ilse Kutschera 
  • Acknowledging What Is  Bert Hellinger 
  • Even If it Cost Me My Life Stephan Hausner

Where you might find the books: