Shanghai, China
March 22:   Unconditional Love & The Mystery of Human Longing
March 23, 24 & 25: Shadow Dance: Finding Joy and Connection Through
The Hidden Side of Relationships
March 28, 29 & 30: Family Constellations
Contact: Bree 

Brussels, Belgium April 27 & 28
Making Peace With The Past
Fee: €250
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Bucharest Romania June 7, 8 & 9
Contact: Dragos Riti
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Asheville, North Carolina, June 28, 29 & 30
The Mysterious Life of the Heart: Passion, Love & Longing
Contact: Nacy Kehr

Berkshire Mountain Retreat, Hillsdale, New York September 12-15
Who Are You WIthout Your Story?
55 South Farm Road
Hillsdale, NY
Registration Opens in February, 2019

From The 2018 Retreat:

“Heartfelt thanks for making space for a wonderful memory to be created: I feel complete and filled up from the life-affirming weekend retreat in Hillsdale. 


Although terrified when I arrived at the prospect of almost three days and three nights with strangers, I felt quickly at my ease in the energy of that beautiful house and its surrounding land, the openness, warmth and humor of my fellow retreaters and of course Bill’s strong and gentle presence, and his expertise with creating a safe atmosphere. 


The movie title for the weekend would be “ Cry Eat Laugh”: Everyone who wanted to be the subject of a Constellation was able to flow in with time, space and reverence. We were all touched deeply by the Field and the magical dynamics of Constellating whether as subject, representative or witness. Then we ate, family style, around a beautiful big table: Delicious food, nature’s abundance, washed down with laughter. We entertained ourselves in the evening and learnt more about each other with a series of fun parlor games. People flowed in and out of these too. The loving, reverent and welcoming space was maintained throughout all aspects of the weekend. 


When I tuned in for my morning practice today I noticed a distinct relaxation in my lower belly. I could access a place that had previously been filled with my “less-thans”, my  “votes of no confidence for me”- my neuroses...and find it open and spacious for the first time I can remember.  I feel I have come home. I am indeed grateful. “ KC

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Hawaii, The Big Island, September 27, 28 & 29 
The Mysterious Life of the Heart: Passion, Love & Longing
Akuaha Retreat Center in The Volcano
Contact Darshan Mendoza
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Shanghai, China
November 12-14: Radical Acceptance
November 16-18: The Mysterious Life of the Heart: Passion, Love & Longing
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From Barcelona: "Still under the positive effects it had in me the amazing workshop with Bill Mannle and Cecilia Altieri about constellations. Again Thank you!!!! Greetings to everybody in the workshop!!!" Susanna B.

"What a remarkable class yesterday!  It really was an extraordinary experience with stunning results, which the colleagues and I deeply appreciated.  It is a courageous, loving group, and you gave them a brilliant instrument through which they could express these qualities. You offered them an unusual opportunity to dive into that difficult-to-get-to space where the past and present are one.  It was amazing to watch as they accessed and recognized the origin of their suffering, and then shifted perspective, and thereby their reality, in a way that resulted in a vivid unburdening!  The circle became a liberating, pain-killing time-machine! It is a fascinating and wonderful process, and you facilitated the circles beautifully, with insight, sensitivity, and wisdom.  Wow!"

"I loved the workshop.
It was profound personally, and has greatly impacted my work, and how I see the world. Thank you so much. You have a wonderful energy and way of connecting so quickly and un-intrusively."   B

"It is important to know that so many people live their lives enduring such painful experiences, and it is like a miracle that a 15-minute constellation intervention can be so powerful and give them the insight and support they need to recognize their issue and find relief.  Your sensitivity and intuitive involvement was very impressive."   R

"The workshop was incredible
and I cannot thank you enough.
Whether you were a participant in the actual family or an observer, it was equally powerful!  Thank you for holding all that space for everyone, and you do so with such ease and grace."   L