Unresolved issues from the past may cause the heart to shut down. If left unattended, this disruption in the flow of love carries across generations, and ripples into the shadows of the family landscape, often emerging as illness, emotional difficulties, and broken relationships.

A kind of "living map," Family Constellations is a unique, phenomenological approach that explores these hidden dynamics that keep us from living authentic lives. It has the potential to touch us on a deep soul and energy level, often healing past traumas and wounds and leading to a transformation in our lives and the lives of those around us. This work deepens the respect for the mystery of life.

2023--2024 In-person Family Constellation Facilitator Training Course will consist of five 4-day modules every other month beginning in October 2023. Also included are four 3-hour zoom seminars in between each module.

This 152-hour comprehensive, experiential program will cover the history and theory of family constellations developed by Bert Hellinger including critical concepts, such as the Orders of Love, the morphogenetic field, inclusion and exclusion, the right to belong, working phenomenologically, and how Constellations differ from other approaches.

We will also explore movement, meditation, somatic and improvisation practices, and techniques that assist the facilitator with presence and grounding.


How to facilitate group constellations, including how to set up the physical space, create a safe and supportive environment for participants, interview, and guide individuals through selecting representatives and exploring their family system.

Develop skills in working with trauma, particularly regarding family dynamics; this includes learning to identify trauma patterns and support clients in processing and integrating past experiences.

Enhance group facilitation skills, such as active listening, effective communication, and creating a sense of community within the group.

Build awareness of the facilitator's role in the constellation process, including managing personal biases and remaining neutral and non-judgmental, developing self-awareness, and managing emotional reactions that may arise during the facilitation process.


You wish to add Constellations to your skill set, share it with your communities, or expand as a human being and develop a better understanding of yourself, your family system, your place in the world, or both.
You have trained as a facilitator, have not practiced for a time, or have yet to practice and want to step back into the field.


Have an understanding of yourself, your traumas, and your psycho-spiritual issues.
Be able to tolerate emotional intensity and hold and create a safe space for yourself others.

Please email me at billmannle@gmail.com if you have any questions. Put TRAINING in the subject line.

October 5-8 
December 7-10 
February 8-11 
April 5-7 
June 6-9

Tuition: $4590 
Deposit: $500 
13-Month Payment Plan: $315

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